Village Idiots mistake Madame Tussauds House of Wax as a record store

Florence crashes machine

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At 10:15pm on the 26th of of May, Florence Welsh was seen careering around the corners of North Ryde on her machine. Ms. Welsh then rolled the machine, where it was eventually stopped by a parked Mr. Whippy van. Local residents on the scene described Welsh’ latest incident as “not surprising” as there have been countless complaints against Welsh with her late night “machine hooning”. Another witness at the scene said she only saw the machine briefly as it shot by her suburban home at high speed, she did say she heard a muffled “look no hands” screamed out the window, moments before the tragic accident.

Both Florence and the machine are recovering well and are expected to continue the upcoming tour.

Sony A7s can see in the dark

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So because of my mates, I got sold on the Sony mirror less interchangeable lens cameras. Next minute, they announced the A7S which has amazing low light performance and video. Double sold. I finally got my greasy mitts on it last week. Initially I was a little disappointed. I found that the faces of people looked a little wrong and had odd colour like jaundice. I also found myself zooming into each shot and thinking it wasn’t overly sharp. I suppose I need to get used to 12MP. I have been used to 21MP where you can zoom in heaps and still have the clarity. I decided I could do without such high resolution, with the trade being that I could get shots in low light without such dramatic quality loss. After all, I decided that this is what I struggle with most.

So just how good is the low light? Well here is an example. Admittedly it’s with an iPhone 5s for comparison, and even though I love my iPhone and I totally believe it’s capable of amazing photos; it probably isn’t the most fair comparison. A more reasonable one would be my Canon 5D mark II against the Sony. But I’m a little scared, so we’ll leave that for the time being. Plus it’s been hard to get motivated to take any photos, so I need to work on that too.

I didn’t really go anywhere interesting on the weekend so I found myself in the roof. What a perfect low light situation. 🙂

iPhone 5s ISO 2500 f2.2 1/15 sec

iPhone 5s ISO 2500 f2.2 1/15 sec

Sony A7S ISO 12800 f3.5 1/5 sec

Sony A7S ISO 12800 f3.5 1/5 sec

Steam stream

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I have long searched for the best media player setup. I have an Ouya, a dedicated media centre PC, a WDTV, a Wii and just recently purchased a Raspberry Pi. One thing is for sure, after all the media player software I have seen, I like XBMC the most (thanks Ol – who showed me this back in the way old days). In terms of having it as an easy to use system I have always struggled a bit. All of that aside, I decided to dust off my media centre PC I built and set it up on the main TV down stairs at my mums place. I had previously installed some games on the media centre PC and have found that it can play retro-ish ones but nothing too graphics intensive. So I installed Steam on it and the game 400.

I booted it up again today to dick around with some settings because, as per usual, there are a few new bugs since I last booted it up. As I was slowly fixing them I installed Steam and tested out Big Picture mode. Next minute I see “Cam-PC streaming available” or something similar. Funnily enough I read about this a while ago but was so sceptical of the connection speed required etc. that I never even humoured it. Well seeing as it was completely plug and play I gave it a go. Unbelievable! It worked basically flawlessly. The rough gist is that you have your games installed on a main computer somewhere and the second PC is basically a dumb terminal. So it doesn’t need to be particularity fast and doesn’t need to have the game installed, it all streams from the main PC. This type of computing was once popular when PC’s were so expensive it only made sense to have large mainframes and dumb terminals. It even streams non-Steam games you have added to Steam. For example I have added Super Mario Bros. and other old school games. I am totally amazed!